Informative meeting with the private forest owners (PFO’s) in Vrapciste

On February 25th, in village Mavrovo was held informative meeting with the private forest
owners (PFO’s). The meeting was started by project coordinator Daniel Gjenchevski who introduced
the participants with the REFORD association and the project: “Private Forests for positive changes
in the Polog region” (5P). Afterword the president of the National Association of Private Forest
Owners (NAPFO), Mr. Vojo Sokolovski, introduced the participants about the NAPFO goals, activities,
role in policy processes (lobbying, representing etc.). The PFOs also took active participation in the
discussion with the current problems and challenges they are facing with in regards to forestry and
environmental issues.

The project is funded by the European Union

The project is implemented by:

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